Vintage Radio Valves

Mike's electric stuff
Magic eye tuning valves
JMH's   virtual valve museum
G8LSD    valve collection
Andy Cowley . Radio Valves

Radio ULF - ELF - VLF - LF

Utility radio stations
The Long Wave home page
ULF - ELF - VLF - projects - whistler - Schumann resonance receiver
Exploring Very Low Frequency Natural Radio
Natural ELF VLF Radio Phenomena - Magnetosphere and Space Weather
VLF whistler
VLF Whistler Reception
Introduction to LF and VLF radio monitoring
Radio waves below 22KHz


HAARP   High frequency Active Auroral Research Program   -  Alaska
HAARP  link 1 HAARP  link 2 HAARP latest info  
HAARP how it sounds like - Pulse analysis
Electromagnetic weather altering   HAARP

Amateur radio G7FEK limited space multiband antenna

G7FEK Multiband Antenna for a Small Garden - Construction Guide - PDF - 46 feet long and 24 feet high. 80m-40m-30m-17m-15m-12m . (20m and 10m with modifications)
G7FEK Antenna Revisited - PDF - Written by G8JNJ
G7FEK Antenna QSO test on 7MHz band between two VK stations (distance unknown) - Youtube Video.

Top Band 160M

Top Band 160 Metre Propagation Utilities
Adding Top Band - 160M - to the inverted-L antenna
Near Realtime Grey Line Map


An Improved Multiband Trap Dipole Antenna - PDF
RF Ground Systems
Toroid Ring info and Calculator
Baluns and Tuners - G8JNJ
A Ham's Guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio Interfacing - PDF
Cost-effective ferrite chokes and baluns - PDF - GM3SEK
Coaxial Trap Design Software (windows XP / 7) - freeware
Common Mode Chokes - PDF - W1HIS
Antenna Traps
80M and 40M trap frequency
Antenna Notes
More On The 1:1 Balun - Jerry Sevick W2FMI

Antenna Modeling

MMANA-GAL basic help
Simulation of Wire Antennas using 4NEC2

Spy Numbers Stations

Spy Numbers Links
Spy Numbers Recordings
East Germany (Cold War Era) Spy Numbers (Gong) Simulator Programme (Windows XP/7) freeware. Very authentic sounds. Can even enter your own digits.
Shortwave Espionage
The Conet Project - Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations - PDF booklet

Miscellaneous items

NIST Cesium fountain atomic clock
Boulder USA physics laboratory - NIST
The German ENIGMA cipher machine . very detailed workings , history of Colossus , Bletchley Park
Build a modern day electronic ENIGMA cipher - decipher machine
THE HUM ... have you ever heard this phenomena ?
SETI@HOME search for extraterrestrial life radio signals
Spot the mistakes in simple published hobbyist electonic project circuits . . intriguing no matter what expertise you have.    home page


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