This page links to web sites with information about various WWII
cipher - decipher machines and modern day simulation software .

Please note this page is far from complete.  I will try to amend/add more links as my time permits .      

Dr Alan Turin.  Enigma treatise written while working as cryptanalyst at Bletchley Park .
The Purple Machine
Bletchley Park  ( station X )
Build a modern day digital electronic version of the Enigma Machine .
Tony Sale - Detailed working of Enigma Colossus computer, it's purpose and operation
Tommy Flowers MBE - tribute to long forgotten Colossus designer after WWII ended.
 The Worlds first electronic programable digital computer designer.

More on Tommy
Breaking German Navy Ciphers (WW II)
Enigma software simulators.



Cryptology: From Caesar Ciphers to Public-Key Cryptosystems (PDF)
Quantum Computing - an introduction
Quantum Computers info

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