This page links to web sites with information about various WWII cipher - decipher machines and simulation software

Dr Alan Turin. Enigma treatise written while working as cryptanalyst at Bletchley Park.



Bletchley Park  ( station X )
Build a modern day version of the Enigma Machine .
Enigma Cipher Machine --- Cryptomuseum  
Tony Sale - Detailed working of Enigma Colossus shift register & ring drivers schematic diagram
Tommy Flowers MBE , tribute to long forgotten Colossus computer designer after WWII ended.
The Worlds first electronic (valve) programmable digital computer designer.

More about Tommy Flowers
Colossus The Worlds First Electronic Computer Rebuild at Bletchley Park
Enigma online simulator .



Quantum Computation tutorial
Quantum Computing - An introduction
Quantum Computing - Tutorial
Quantum Computers - Info

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